Our Story

Epilepsy SA opened a branch in Parys in 1984 running a Residential Care Centre for persons with epilepsy.

Over the years, treatment for epilepsy has advance and the need for a specialised facility decreased so we opened up to all persons with disabilities.

The name Epilepsy SA is now a misnomer for us as we care for persons with epilepsy, mild to profound intellectual disability, people with disability since birth such as down syndrome, people with speech impairments, physically disabled, wheelchair users, and psychiatric disabilities such as schizophrenia. In 2019 we were registered by the Department of Health as a Mental Health Facility.

In 2003 the focus changed from only providing a residential care centre to a community development organization.

This community development focus was a shift to bring about transformation of our services from residential care to making a greater impact through working in communities on projects such as food gardens and training people in economic development.

In 2009 we expanded our community services to include Primary Health Care, focusing on HIV/AIDS, TB and Home-Based Care. We have now stopped Home Based Care but still run a project funded by SASOL on TB and HIV/AIDS.

We are an independent non-profit organization with our own Board of Management and responsible for all our own funds and fundraising. We are affiliated to Epilepsy SA, and work within the national organisation’s guidelines and policies.

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