As the year draws to an end, Christmas creeps closer…

Meet Mary…, she has been a resident here at Epilepsy SA for ten years. She was born with a serious intellectual disability. She is unable to talk clearly and although she is 31 years old, her functioning is that of a 4-year-old.

ChristmasLike a child, Mary is excited about Christmas. She sees all the decorations and senses something special is happening… 

Christmas should be spent with loved ones, but Mary will be staying at our ‘Home for Persons with Disabilities’ over Christmas.

We would hate for her to miss out on a gift this Christmas.

You can give a gift.

You can bring joy and happiness to Mary’s heart!

All you have to do is put Mary on your Christmas Gift list!
It’s as easy as clicking here today.

PS. Then when Christmas Day arrives and ‘in’ pops
Father Christmas, Mary will cry with joy!! 
All because you gave a gift!

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